Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Posted May 6th, 2010 by nateburt


So this last weekend I had the privilege and opportunity to attend a Yellow Ribbon Event held in SLC UT.  It was called a Reintegration Program and I was there on behalf of

The Yellow Ribbon program is a nation-wide combat veteran program that provides support and outreach to Reserve and National Guard members in all service components.  The program began in 2007 and applies to all reservists who are mobilized, deployed and separated from their families for 90 days or more.

The program is proactive and encompasses all phases of the deployment.  It offers support services to members and families, giving them information, referrals, and resources to help them adjust to the many challenges they may face as a result of a deployment.

The actual deployment cycles consists of four phases:  pre-deployment, deployment, demobilization and post deployment.  The Yellow Ribbon program events fall within these four phases and provides information deemed most appropriate for conditions or needs that typically exist for Reserve Soldiers and their families during each time frame.

The Yellow Ribbon program is designed to benefit service members and their families by providing them with access to support services and guiding them to the appropriate information.  This is why LowVaRates was in attendance.  We feel so strong about the VA loan and the benefits it offers.  Only 7% of all active duty and retired Veterans actually use their VA loan.  This was exactly the case at this event.  Everyone I spoke with had not used the VA loan and didn’t even know the benefits it offers. 

This event was geared at educating Military families.  These families are an integral part of the Yellow Ribbon program.  They can assist service members by helping them to identify what services of benefits may be most appropriate for them and encouraging service members to take advantage of these resources.  Some companies like LowVARates my be directly available to help family members by educating them regarding the VA home loan process.

Soldiers and families should take advantage of the services available to them and direct questions to their units.  Unit Leaders and family program reps have information regarding this event and those sponsors who are there to help.  I would encourage all Soldiers and family members to take full advantage of this wonderful program.

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