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So this last weekend I had the privilege and opportunity to attend a Yellow Ribbon Event held in SLC UT.  It was called a Reintegration Program and I was there on behalf of
The Yellow Ribbon program is a nation-wide combat veteran program that provides support and outreach to Reserve and National Guard members in [...]

I wanted to take a bit of a different approach to this post.  Usually I discuss rates and market trends with VA home loans and streamline refinances which I will continue to do in later posts.
A great part of my job is the privilege of working with Veterans and active duty personnel.  They call me to [...]

I have recently started a blog that is dedicated to Veterans and VA loans.  I have been a VA mortgage loan officer for over 8 years so I have some experience to bring to the table.  My first post I have decided to write is on the History of the VA and the GI bill.

In 1776 the [...]