Perks of Being a VA Loan Officer

Posted April 14th, 2010 by nateburt

I wanted to take a bit of a different approach to this post.  Usually I discuss rates and market trends with VA home loans and streamline refinances which I will continue to do in later posts.

A great part of my job is the privilege of working with Veterans and active duty personnel.  They call me to discuss options of using their entitlement to either buy homes or refinance them.  Recently I have focused a lot of my efforts on VA Home Purchases which have a different effect on homeowners than refinances.  Its usually a more emotional process.  Home ownership should be a goal of every adult – young or old. 

One of my past clients (Heather) went online to get help with her VA loan.  I was able to quickly make contact with her and within a week she had found a house and had an executed VA purchase contract.  We started the process and met the deadline outlined in the contract.  I think the whole VA Home Buying Experience only took about 3.5 weeks and she was able to move in.  What gives the most satisfaction is knowing you helped someone realize their dreams of home ownership. 

Here is Heather’s comments about how she felt her experience was -

“I could not have asked for a better loan officer.  Nate at Flagship Financial was amazing, he insured that I was well informed about every aspect of my VA home loan.  He went above and beyond to make sure that my loan was processed and ready for closing.  He made my first time home buying experience enjoyable and stress free and took it upon himself to ensure that every deadline was met.  He truly cared about how my experience went and took time to explain every detail about my loan with me.  I would recommend Nate and Flagship Financial to anyone seeking a VA home loan.  Sincerely, Heather”

money_for_homes Think of the benefits of Owning VS renting…

  1. 1. Build Equity.
  2. 2. Mortgage interest deduction for taxes.
  3. 3. $8000 tax credit from the Gov.
  4. 4. Being able to make changes to the house without getting landlord approval.
  5. 5. Sense of self worth and accomplishment.

This is one of those jobs where is really makes me feel like I’m adding value to society.  Veterans and active duty solders are really doing their part to protest me.  This is the least I can do for them, so thanks Heather and all those who served and are currently serving!

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